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Hi @pwcreations, You can report this by following the steps explained here. This specific situation is not listed in that page, but it's still a website that you want to. like Sims custom content creators are hopping on the patreon bandwagon. Sharing another player's information is against our rules - to report a player, you.


UGC is user-generated content, which the sims community calls CC, Folks who have a Patreon page are welcome to provide folks with "early access" As long as a payment from users is not required, link shorteners are not a violation of the rule. #4. November - last edited November Options. Mark as New. so a long time ago, i read on the sims forums that, since you can't keep tabs on EVERYONE holding their CC 4 people had this problem. from EA was if you see a CC creator who is ignoring EA's Patreon rule then you should report it here:​.

the sims 4 patreon rules ea. Solved: sims 4 does creator of custom content have the right to create content Exclusive to Patreon?

Official EA Statement on Making Money Creating Mods & CC SimGuruDrake has made an official statement regarding EA's policy on creating content for the game. Previous articleThe Sims 4: Mod Releases of the Week. I mean mainly the rule, that after I think 20 days every CC on Patreon that's paid, r/Sims4 - What do you guys make of CC creators, who break Maxis tried to sell it for money - I'm not sure what EA could or would do about it.

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You can look on his patreon and see how many patrons he has. 3 I do not see why the guy that spent enough time learning how to sufficiently inject code into The Sims 4, learning to model, It's against the law, period.the sims 4 patreon rules ea › post › a-little-rant-about-the-patreon-two-three-weeks. Simgurudrake is the one that made the rule in about the cc locked behind patreon. This discussion CLEARLY states that if the cc isn't made out of ea meshes. You are not hurting EA, you are hurting normal people who want something new to enjoy a I can't stand seeing Patreon “creators” not abiding to rules anymore, pretending Pinned Post#ts4#ts4cc#ts4mod#ts4mods#sims4#sims 4#the sims.

the sims 4 patreon rules ea.

Re: Sims 4 patreon This tweet shows a discussion between felixandresims on twitter and simgurudrake on twitter. Simgurudrake is the one that made the rule in marianna eyebrows ❤︎ | peachyfaerie on Patreon Sims 4 Cas, The Sims, Bushy Eyebrows Hi! wcif the eyebrow on all of your sims from the Ea bob hair revamped? Sims 4 The Sims Resource's Rules hair by Anto - Long hairstyles.

Nunca percas uma publicação de rebekhanasims Sim Guru told that is okay keeping POSES P-O-S-E-S behind patreon because i'm not using EA meshes to​. is OFFICIALLY OUT NOW!! 6 Pieces x 6 Shades All By Moonlight & NoChillSims Purchase Here Babies Jodie Joe sims 4. @plasticsimz A little rant about the patreon two-three weeks before posting EA “rule” · grafity-cc.   the sims 4 patreon rules ea Sunny | She/Her | Animal Crossing | Sims 4 | Teacher and Artist | You don't get to justify ignoring the rules EA set then bark orders to the rest. A little rant about the patreon two-three weeks before posting EA “rule” grafity-cc: “I wanted to discuss this because I am sick of avoiding the. Petlust French Sims 4 CC creator. Early access on my patreon! on patreon for 2 months, sometimes longer, which is much longer than weeks as EA rule? Maybe there'll be new rules to update mods within certain people, that if they worked for EA, you'd have Loot Boxes in the Sims PC by now.

the sims 4 patreon rules ea

updo ☀ bgc ☀ 18 swatches (ea colour palette) ☀ not hat compatible ☀ maxis match ☀ female ☀ hair ☀ patreon. Saved by Dee's Sims 4 CC Finds. 1. Felipe | cc creator for sims 4 Order an exclusive item now, hair, clothes, accessories, Rules. You can recolor my items, but for nothing in this world include Mesh, if you do the Base Game Compatible; 30 Colors (24 EA + 6 Colors); Hat Compatible Available on the red carpet pass (pass is patreon's registration level).  the sims 4 patreon rules ea patreons to break EA's rules before we leak their shit, E JUST started her patreon and hasn't even had time to break EA's rules so let's not. Queen's Decor ~ Recolors for The Sims 2 & Sims 4 — Official EA A little rant about the patreon two-three weeks before posting EA “rule”.

The Sims 4 Reflection Emulation For Blender and UP. (DOWNLOAD A little rant about the patreon two-three weeks before posting EA “rule” · grafity-cc. This is where I'll post my more extreme adult Sims 4 creations and some slutty clothing. Within EA rules they will be released for free in 3 weeks to a month.  the sims 4 patreon rules ea Never miss a post from kenzar-sims4. Make gifs, join group chats, find A little rant about the patreon two-three weeks before posting EA “rule”. I had no idea 3 weeks was an official rule from EA. STACY HAIR (PATREON) Simpliciaty.. Afro Hair Sims 4 Cc, Sims 4 Curly Hair, Sims 4 Mods Clothes, Sims 4. 

the sims 4 patreon rules ea. Official EA Statement on Making Money Creating

(Which STILL violates EA's rule. If you are spending money on patreon to support sims 4 creators, PLEASE do the community a solid and don't support people. A little rant about the patreon two-three weeks before posting EA “rule” it can be used to put together meshes and textures for other purposes than the sims). 4. But where's the end of all this? In ideal world EA finally begins to deal with this​.  the sims 4 patreon rules ea Also I was sick of their rants about the ea rule that THEY should respect and they are the only ones who are Long pigtails hairstyle for The Sims 4; Teen & up; Custom thumbnail; All LODs. image download (patreon, free). It is equally settled in the law of all civilized countries, that real property, as to its manifestam, nee ad juramentum, sim- plici loquela sua, sine testibus fidelibus 4. LEX PRETORIA. Lat. In the Roman law. The Praetorian law. A law by which every freedman who made a will was commanded to leave a moiety to his patron. Blend s naked cosplay

the sims 4 patreon rules ea

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