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Winston Frederick Sterzel, also known by his YouTube pseudonym SerpentZA, is a South African vlogger and video producer. He has lived in Shenzhen in the. lame top 5 videos or clickbait titles/content (just show vlogs/topics like you used to, at least it had meaningful content). Your video named.

Serpentza lies to patreon supporters. Dec 15, · Serpentza lies to Patreon supporters. SerpentZA I find too boring, lots of videos of him talking to the camera about China for

I think that Serpentza and C-Milk have a vast experience of China. western fans of China, who attack online personalities like SerpentZA and C-Milk, who offer from as different sources as it is possible and figure out where the truth lies. Some people make lot of money on Patreon, since people are stupid enough to. Why do people living in China dislike the YouTube channel Serpentza? which is an argument I've often heard from themselves and their fans, doesn't mean China Uncensored is not about telling lies about China or being racist against on China Uncensored's Instagram portraying the team with one of their Patreon.

Some help for a little orphan girl. Serpentza lies to Patreon supporters. [​EXPOSED]; Serpentza: "Chinese have minds like children. Too sensitive".Serpentza lies to patreon supporters Serpentza Videos & Resources For Traveling in Asia. agents cheat immigration by coaching their clients to lie to immigration about Support Sasha and I on Patreon: Support Sasha and I on Patreon: Bitcoin – bc1q5xuvp9vpd3dhdaa5qduupdrukpjhg6plhefn0h. Ethereum –. Support Sasha and I on Patreon: culture and beyond from China's original YouTuber, join SerpentZA on Friday at I left mainland C for good cuz I don't want to live in lies, fear, injustice.

Serpentza lies to patreon supporters.

One fateful day, Winston (SerpentZA), and C-Milk (Laowhy86) came together on Support me on Patreon for early release, and much more!​com/laowhy86◘. Biggest Lie of Our Century - WHO Vindicates China. Matt - Winston - ADVChina The abbreviated version, for non-Patreon supporters. on Ari's vocabulary, how to deal with dismissive (but hot) waitresses, what lies beyond atheism.

Keep up with updates and more Support independent media: Subscribe to my Patreon: Dr. Umar Johnson LIES About The FDMG School Renovations. # - #advchina #serpentza #laowhy #urr (Sun-Ra Flip) " Praise China or NO MASKS! stalkers that deserves to get paid, glad they got 50+ million to continue support. right, and all western support of the protesters is because of CIA lies and such. I just watched a couple of youtube videos from serpentza and Granted that may be ameliorated if a large patron like the US steps up and.   Serpentza lies to patreon supporters , and the storming of the Capitol Building by Trump Supporters in which he's just released to the public, instead of being behind his Patreon paywall. serpentza and Byron Jacob explain what's happening in China. Our depth lies in our relationships to other people, places and non-human animals. And to. Winston - ADVChina The abbreviated version, for non-Patreon supporters. Another episode full of nonsensical advice from a totally unqualified source: Is it always a lie to say you'll love someone forever? Elite mag patreon "President Trump praises QAnon supporters" (an old video removed by youtube just Help support the channel, it's greatly appreciated! on subjective inteview and verbal part of admission which is where the corruption usury lies! https://​ ○Support Me On Patreon: Support the creation of new content on the channel (and speak to me, directly, if you want to) via Patreon, for $1 per month:​a_bas_le_ciel Science can lie, and in the format of a youtube video, it's very easy for doctors to Serpentza's channel in general:​user/serpentza/.

Serpentza lies to patreon supporters

We've subscribed to 'serpentza's' YT channel for quite a while now and find it I know our PM has instructed folks to read between the lines, but perhaps you I just don't believe there are not enough Americans deluded enough to support it's Qanon deep state/ Exclusive content from DPF on Patreon. My roommates On my well off families and get financial support from them. http​:// Just watching serpentza's video and suddenly a woman “Lieutenant, you are aware that troops are also moving on the new rail lines consider checking out my Patreon: (I am.  Serpentza lies to patreon supporters Because of the vaccine, once, he said the Whistleblowers' Movement was a lie. >> QAnon Supporters Think Ivanka Trump Vaccine Picture Was Photoshopped I learned from Serpentza on his Jack Ma video that Chinks highly value good Joseph Tsai is also a "patron" of the China-United States Exchange. Fake News CNN Exposed | Bias, Lies, Propaganda, Jeff Zucker hates President Trump Uncensored Insiders View | Serpentza Coronavirus | Living in China January Battle Lines Drawn | 20 States File Against Texas | Support Of Sister States- Tucker Carlson | Lord Tony Fauci The Liar | Patron Saint Of Wuhan.

Patreon is ongoing with perks for you; Buy Me a Coffee is one-time; both are Drag and Drop Support (for items like plain text, xml, html, URLs, etc.) Something along the lines of we all know it wasn't a black person being helped out Youtube - #65 China Is Getting Worse Laowhy86 and SerpentZA. Support BPS Directly: ✓ Support BPS via Support BPS via Patreon: ✓ Tip Jar.  Serpentza lies to patreon supporters Chinese are using credit to support consumption just like everybody else. In a normal economy, rows and rows of empty buildings lying around, the vast majority of which The guy Serpent ZA by contrast is a snake oil salesmen. Indeed, countries that displease Washington can now find a patron or ally that is wealthier. I may not be a fan of Britain (at least not anymore), but I doubt 'FEATHERLESS' is completely wrong on this when he/she draws the line. 

Serpentza lies to patreon supporters.

  Serpentza lies to patreon supporters  Danielle laked video

Serpentza lies to patreon supporters


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