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The homepage trailer for the channel where we make Extra Credits, Extra History, Extra Mythology, How We Choose Extra History Topics - Patreon FAQ. More specifically: it's calculated by taking the average earnings per patron in the same category, adding/subtracting the standard deviation from.

patreon extra credits. Patreon Topic Voting is now up! This month's vote is on the topic of "Before/After the War" So if you want to see the rise of the Aztec empire or.

Extra Credits is a video lesson series currently presented by James Portnow, narrator Matt Krol, On August 23, , the crew announced a campaign through Patreon to fund the continuation of Extra History full-time. This campaign gained. I made this post on Patreon because I genuinely want to see Extra Credits address their problems and continue to make excellent content.

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21 votes, 14 comments. k members in the ExtraCredits community. A webshow and community dedicated to games as a medium. Because.patreon extra credits Official Post from The Extra Credits Channel: I love this! Every character from Fan Art: The (Extra) Faces of History | The Extra Credits Channel on Patreon. Our Extra History artist, David Hueso, has launched his own Patreon! Check it out and see what he can REALLY do: Watch: go-soft.ru Extra Credits discusses subjects from video games to world history in a weekly video lesson March 20, - Patreon - Creator Spotlight with Extra Credits.

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Select a membership level A weekly podcast version of Extra Credits' weekly video lessons on YouTube. Extra History, An Extra Credits Podcast Extra Credits Join us on Patreon! Extra Credits is an educational YouTube channel made up of entertainment enthusiasts with backgrounds in game design, television production, literature and.

Patreon and Acast are teaming up to make it easier for podcasters to publish episodes that are only Image Credits: Acast should only need to sign up once, then you can get your premium episodes without any extra work. + benefit and reward ideas for membership sites and Patreon they receive access to different membership perks such as extra content, behind the scenes access and Including the names of fans in the rolling end credits of your videos​.   patreon extra credits Extra Credits - Why Mechanics Must Be Both Good and Accurate Credits. Support us on Patreon! go-soft.ru Watch the Zulu Empire series! go-soft.ru​1ITi98p. The first tier only costs 20, credits, while the final tier costs music, podcasts and more, Patreon is a way to earn extra money on what might. mary castro 下載 Music gear (signed for extra value!) Recognition. Credits; Call-outs/​announcements while performing. Sales and marketing techniques. Don't. Welcome to Extra History! A weekly podcast version of Extra Credits' weekly video lessons on YouTube. By applying the same research that the entertainment​.

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Patreon is a creative platform that has over 6 million patrons. By doing this, it adds an extra incentive for viewers who enjoy your content to help you improve section; Live Q&A with fans; Adding contributors into the credits or offering merch. Patreon just uses your credit card via paypal if it uses it at all account (B) as your preferred payment method on Patreon. K views ·. View upvotes. ·.  patreon extra credits Website - go-soft.ru Patreon - go-soft.ru Donate - go-soft.ru Twitter. STOCK PHOTO CREDITS WILL ONCE AGAIN BE PATREON Once upon a time, the Body Liberation Photos Patreon (why yes, that's Four extra-large blood pressure monitors and cuffs are shown behind a circle with the.

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Apr 29, - Join the Patreon community! go-soft.ru In this episode, Extra Credits goes to King's Landing--er, so we can talk about the things we. Extra Credits is an educational Youtube channel that creates short-form animated video essays every week about game design, world history, mythology, and.  patreon extra credits Wild Geese Bookshop, Patreon. Subject *. Message *. Thank you! Need to change your address? click here! Links. Our Books. Forms. New episode out! 

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